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Love Letters to Michfest


Love Letters to Michfest is an independent site dedicated to honoring the womyn who come and gather every year, building a village under the stars of performing arts and activism.This site is to honor the work and activism they have done for the past 39 years . Michfest believes that girls and womyn's lives are worthy of honor and celebration and seeks to advocate for them through creating a village in the woods on privet land built from the ground up. Michfest is built by the womyn who attend as workers. It is deconstructed at the end of the festival. It is supported by those who purchases tickets, who camp and attend concerts, performances and workshops and live in the woods as a community for this one week.There is no corporate sponsorship. It is truly an astonishing grass roots event that provides a safe and nurturing home in the woods of Michigan. Michfest believes being born female, growing up as a girl and living as a womyn is important to celebrate and provides a space to explore what this means and how to over come the constant assault of misogyny, violence and oppression girls and womyn experience through out the world and in our communities simply for being born female . Michfest does not determine who is a womyn. So this site Love Letters to Michfest is to honor the workers, activists, performers, poets and dreamers, healers and hell raisers and all who make this journey every year! Send in your love letters and photos to the e-mail link to be published here to interrupt the narrative of hate and silence being created. Deep respect and love to all!!! " Dare to be Powerful" Audre Lorde

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